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TonalityGUIDE - basic tonal music theory and analysis for undergraduates is a free resource for Level I university music students. It has been developed to accompany tutorials in 'Musical Techniques' at Liverpool Hope University College. TonalityGUIDE is partly funded by a PALATINE development award (the UK funding body for innovation in higher education).

TonalityGUIDE consists of a collection of interlinked pages with no particular start or end point. There are various suggested ways through this material, as well as a selective table of contents):

  • Reference guide - starts with chords and scales and moves through explanations of short progressions through to longer modulating passages
  • ToolKIT - explanations of key skills and concepts, laying foundations for the rest of the site as well as providing context. There are sections covering chord identification, voice-leading and style, as well as a general introduction and a reminder of notational basics
  • Tutorials - the Liverpool Hope tutorials support work undertaken in class, with links to explanations and exercises both on and off line
  • DefinitionBANK - jump to concise explanations of the key concepts

Help with A level composition and a method for writing a theme in the Classical Style

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The resource is being developed by Tom Pankhurst, author of, the popular Schenkerian analysis Web site.

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