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This site was originally designed to support first year music students at Liverpool Hope on the Music Now! module. The main portal for current Liverpool Hope music first years is now the Learnwise virtual learning environment which can be accessed from

If you are not yet registered as a Hope student you will not be able to access the main Learnwise course, but you may find the following pages useful:

  • If you are really rusty or inexperienced in music theory have a look at the Basics section.
  • Some of the websites listed in links go right back to basics, if that is what you need
  • Quite early on in the course we will take a fresh look at Chord Identification and Labelling and Voice-leading, so if you want to get a head start you could browse these pages.
  • You could also have a quick look at Introduction to Tonality
  • Alternatively just browse at random or go and listen to some music - either will do you good!

Musical Techniques 2002/2003
(pages for the old Music course - it has changed a lot in two years!)

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