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Introduction to Musical Techniques (Music 1)

You should not act on any information contained on these pages without checking a current module guide

Musical Techniques is one of three components of Music 1. The areas covered by Musical Techniques are basic tonal harmony and notation, arrangement (including transposition), and composition. This website is designed to support the tutorial teaching of basic tonal harmony, the main assessment of which is a class test at the end of the first semester. This test is worth 20% of your total Music 1 marks.

TonalityGUIDE particularly addresses two learning outcomes of this module:

  • you should gain a basic knowledge and understanding of the theory of harmony
  • you should gain experience of the practical application of the theory of harmony

In your first week, you will complete a diagnostic test which will enable us to assess your needs in this area of the Module. You will then be assigned to one of three tutorial groups. It will be recommended to some students that in addition they take the 20 credit module Foundation Musical Skills, a module which supports the Musical Techniques aspects of Music 1 and also satisfies the learning outcomes of Unique Learning, Planning for Success. Therefore, when students take Foundation Musical Skills, they do not need to do Unique Learning as well as it is incorporated into Foundation Musical Skills. Foundation Musical Skills is taught on Wednesdays, 9 12, and a separate guide is issued for that module.

The module leader for Music 1 is Stephen Pratt to whom you should address any general enquiries or concerns about the module as whole.

If you want to know more about Music 1, you should refer to the module guide from which the information on this page is taken.

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