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Introduction to Techniques of Musical Composition (Music 2)

You should not act on any information contained on these pages without checking a current module guide

Techniques of musical composition is one of several components of Music 2. Building on the skills developed in Music 1, you will develop your ability to compose and harmonise with reference to the styles of Handel, Haydn and Lennon/McCartney. You will learn more about tonal language in context as well as realising a figured bass, string writing and structuring a pop song. The assessment is in the form of a take-away paper containing an exercise in one each of the three styles. This paper, given out in Week 35 is worth 20% of your total Music 2 marks. It is due in to the CAPA office on Thursday, 1st May, between 10 and 4pm.

The module leader for Music 1 is Stephen Pratt to whom you should address any general enquiries or concerns about the module as whole.

If you want to know more about Music 2, you should refer to the module guide from which the information on this page is taken.

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