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Short Progressions

introduction diatonic chromatic

short progs.
longer progs.

This section builds on the concepts introduced in 'Chords and Scales' and divides into two main parts: progressions in which all the notes are drawn from the diatonic scale, and progressions that involve chromatically altered notes. If you are looking for a particular chord or progression, why not look in the definitions bank at the top of this page.

Diatonic Progressions
A survey of two-chord progressions organised according to the interval between the roots of the two chords. Particularly important with such short progressions are the various types of cadence that punctuate tonal music.

Chromatic Progressions
There are many possible progressions involving chromatically altered chords. Over the centuries a relatively small number of chromatic progression have been used particularly frequently and this section looks some of the most common.

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