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The ToolKIT, which is accessible from all pages of the site, outlines the three main analytical skills that aims to develop. It also links to a short introduction to the study of tonality as well as a reminder of some basics (note and interval labels, clefs and transpositions).

Style Awareness
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Introduction & Handel Haydn Beatles

Melodic Dissonance in Handel, Haydn and the Beatles

Beatles Song Extracts
The treatment of dissonance in these extracts is fundamentally different from those in the other two styles. Whereas in Handel and Haydn dissonances are essentially melodic decorations, in the following examples, the emphasis is on chords and the dissonances become part of the harmonic language. As a result they are frequently left unresolved.

The dissonant fourth in the second bar does not resolve, but the harmony changes underneath it at the end of the bar making it consonant.

The fourth in this example does not resolve at all.

The seventh suspended over the C major harmony likewise does not resolve.

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