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Tutorial One - Identifying Chords week 10 (31st September)
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Topics covered in class:

You should also read the Introduction to Tonality, to get an idea of where we are heading in this course.

Online Exercises

Exercise One - labelling the chords and figured bass in a Bach chorale. It is a good idea to print it off and label it according to the four stages introduced in class - you can then answer the questions online.

Offline Exercises

Don't forget to finish the assignment we started in this weeks session.

External Links

If you want to try other basic theory sites, try these:
Ricci Adams'
Teoria: Music Theory Web
Music Theory Resources
SMU Theory on the Web

Take the opportunity to browse round this site and get to know where things are. The exercise this week is very short and simple so that you get used to doing online assignments.

You might prefer to print the exercise off and work on it away from the computer, but remember to complete it online so that it is logged on the system0.

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