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Tutorial Two - Introduction to Voice-leading week 11 (8th October)
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Online Exercises Exercise One - identifying melodic embellishments in a Bach chorale.
Offline Exercises

Complete the species exercises handed out in class. You should have done first three so, using the same cantus firmus, have a go at the fourth and fifth species. click here for a copy of the cantus firmus.

External Links

Irene Girton's Species Counterpoint - A comprehensive practical guide to species counterpoint, including practice exercises. Other useful stuff accessible from home page of this site -

Books Owen Swindale, Polyphonic composition, Oxford University Press, 1962.
It is really important that you read the section on voice-leading in the Toolkit properly. These pages are instead of a hand-out - you can print them off if you want a hard copy. The species counterpoint is a reinforcement of voice-leading principles - don't worry if you find it hard, we will return to it periodically both this and next semester.

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