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Music 2 - Musical Techniques - Tutorial

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Introduction: Learning from Pastiche week 26 (21st of January)
What we did ... We listened to a piece from each of the three styles that Music 2 is concerned with (and that you are going to have to write a pastiche of at the end of the course):
  • Lennon/McCartney 'Fixing a Hole'
  • Handel Sonata Op. 1/8 'Largo'
  • Mozart Quartet in G major K387 'Minuetto'

We discussed what the notation and performance of these pieces could tell us about harmony, melody, rhythm and texture in these works. We then tried to come up with a method of working that might help us to best reproduce these musical styles (e.g. in the case of the Beatles, starting with a chord sequence, adding the melody and then working out a structure of verse/chorus, intro/outro etc.)

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