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Music 2 - Musical Techniques - Tutorial

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Handel: Continuo Refinements week 28 (4th of February)
What we did ...

Having looked in general at continuo style last week, we discussed the specifics of the style, from stylistically appropriate voice-leading to keyboard textures.

We increased our awareness of the sort of mistakes it is easy to make by completing a simple realisation in class and then marking each others.

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Links within TonalityGUIDE

You might want to remind yourself of some of the voice leading guidelines from the TonalityGUIDE toolkit. In particular, the guidelines on:

  • interval succession
  • resolution of tension

    It is also worth reading these
    guidelines on which notes to double in a four-part texture.

    When you have completed a figured bass exercise, you should put it away for at least a few hours and then return to it in the role of a marker. The following link suggests some things to check for.
    Figured Bass - a Checklist

  • Notes: Here are copies of the two assignments. You should finish the one you started in class to hand in next week:
    Assignment A
    Assignment B

    Music 1 & 2 (home)


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