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Music 2 - Musical Techniques - Tutorial

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Handel: Melodic and Rhythmic Embellishment week 29 (11th of February)
What we did ...

First we 'reverse engineered' some Handel keyboard music. We reduced it to the sort of simple realised figured bass that we were writing last week, in order to learn something about doing the opposite.

We then looked at how to go about embellishing figured bass keyboard parts.

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Here is the first example of Handel keyboard music studied in class.

There are various different types of melodic and rhythmic embellishments that you can use to make your realisations more stylistic. You might want to review the embellishments from the voice-leading section of the ToolKIT.

More specific to this week's topic are the Examples of Figured Bass Embellishment.


This is the exercise we did in class - you should finish it before next week if you haven't already along with revising the exercise from last week to incorporate embellishments. Remember that once you have revised it you should return to the checklist introduced last week to check that you have not added lots of mistakes!

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