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Music 2 - Musical Techniques - Tutorial

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Haydn: Writing a Menuetto III Week 32 (4th of March)
What we did ...

This week looks at the basics of writing for strings. Remember that dynamics and articulation need as much attention as the notes and rhythm - they are at least as important.

This week is a continuation of the previous two weeks work. Having written the first eight bars of a Menuetto, we are ready to look at the structure of a whole movement and the various techniques you can use in the middle section.

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Last weeks method is still the basis for what we are doing:
Method for Menuetto with worked example

The following page summarises the demonstration of string writing given in class:
Writing for string instruments: Ranges and articulation


The more you are familiar with this style the better your work will be. Remember to think about what you could be learning for style composition in the history and aural analysis components of Music 2.

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