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Tutorial Four - Harmonising Cadences week 13 (22nd October)
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For completing the offline exercises:
Common cadential formulae
Voice-leading guidelines for cadences

Other quick reminders
Chord labelling
Working out the key of a passage
Reminder of figured bass and chord types
Working out the root of a chord

Online Exercises Make sure you don't lose marks on the interval recognition component of the exam. Read the interval definition page and then do the following exercises.

Exercise One

Exercise Two

Offline Exercises

Complete the cadences on the sheet given out in class, referring to the handouts and above links to help you complete them correctly in four parts. When you have finished label them using roman numerals and figured bass.

Retrieve offline exercise

External Links Various sites dealing with part-writing:

Hoffman at Belmont

Zbikowski at Chicago

Please do complete the cadences as carefully as possible - it is the detail of the part-writing that is the difficult.

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