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Tutorial Eight week 17 (18th November)
Links within TonalityGUIDE In class this week we explored a different way of looking at simple tonal phrases - from the point of view of their bass lines. Read the pages on bass line patterns.
Offline Exercise Write two short phrases in the style of a Bach chorale using or embellishing a pattern similar to those introduced in the pages on bass line patterns.
  • your phrase should begin with a tonic chord (I) and end with a perfect cadence (V - I)
  • the bass line should either ascend or descend from the initial I to the final V
  • next add a treble part taking care to avoid any parallel perfect intervals
  • finally, fill in the other two parts making sure you follow the relevant voice-leading guidelines
  • Notes:
    Some of you still need to catch up on the various online and offline exercises from previous weeks ...

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